2010 “Coming Out” Event S.M Office.

DonnaBlcok, Co-Chairman S.M. Republican Women's Federation

KABC host John Phillips
Kurt Shcroeder
Chris Garcia, Pepperdine College Republicans
WR Chair Rob Pedersen chairs rally
Robert, Irma, Beatrice, Anne, Iris




Westside Republicans Come Out
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Santa Monica Daily Press   


Republicans Coming Out Of The Closet, featuring John Phillips, Part 1  



RATED-R (Restricted, Republican, Ribald, Roisterous, Right-on) 

Sunday, October 17, 2010  The Santa Monica Republican Women Federated held a “Republicans Coming Out Of The Closet” event in Santa Monica to counter the isolation of Republicans in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles and create camaraderie among proud patriots. The Westside Republicans and Log Cabin Republicans co-sponsored and KABC Radio personality, JOHN PHILLIPS, was guest speaker. Phillips lobbed humor-laced missiles into the heart of Democrat politicians and their out-dated, progressively-worse political agenda. Local Republican candidates introduced themselves to a crowded room of very spirited voters. HEY, WASHINGTON & SACRAMENTO, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW? 

CAUTION: Not for the overly-serious or fussy. This is not your father’s GOP. Please recycle your PC-BS.  

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