The Westside Republicans is a grass roots organization in West Los Angeles whose purpose is to build the Republican Party and to fight for the cause we believe in. Our emphasis is putting BOOTS ON THE GROUND, by waging an ongoing campaign effort.  Westside Republicans is a broad based coalition, involving Republicans of all political stripes. We are working with existing Republican clubs and organizations, reaching out into the community with GOP tables in malls, community events and fairs, and through our younger members, we reach into high schools and support College Republicans.  We are open to all Republicans and Independents who share our goals.

The Westside Republicans regularly meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

We are an officially chartered organization of the Republican Party Los Angeles County, through the endrosement of the 47th Republican Assembly District.

Since our founding in 2009, Westside Republicans has taken to the streets with protests, rallies and demonstrations against higher taxes, government take-over of industry, and governments increased control over our daily lives.   But our fight in defense of American liberty is just beginning.  We need you help, we need your talents.  We need your unique skills.   YOU can make all the difference!

From our committees page and photos of past WR events found from the top scroll bar of this website you can see the actions we have taken from walking precincts, manning phone banks and operating campaign offices.  2010 was a successful year throughout most of the country.    But we have much to do as we build towards 2012. 

Talk to your neighbors.   Talk to your friends.  Explain to them why this fight is their FIGHT

!  This is about their freedom to make choices.  The right to make their own decisions.    This is about keeping the government out of their homes, and government debt off of the backs of their children and their grandchildren.

Today when American values, individual liberties, and the Free Market are being challenged by government like never before, the Westside Republicans must carry our message of lower taxes, strong national defense, family values, & the power of private initiative to every corner of our Los Angeles community.

Get involved with us as we take our next steps.

To be added to our mailing list write us @ westsiderepublicans@gamil.com

Warm Republican greetings,

Robert Pedersen, Chairman                                                 Kurt Schroeder, Co-Chairman

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