About Us
The Westside Republicans is a grass roots organization in West Los Angeles whose purpose is to build the Republican Party and to fight for the cause we believe in. Our emphasis is putting BOOTS ON THE GROUND, by waging an ongoing campaign effort.  Westside Republicans is a broad based coalition, involving Republicans of all political stripes. We are working with existing Republican clubs and organizations, reaching out into the community with GOP tables in malls, community events and fairs, and through our younger members, we reach into high schools and support College Republicans.  We are open to all Republicans and Independents who share our goals.
The Westside Republicans regularly meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
We are chartered by RPLAC — the Republican Party of Los Angeles County. through the aegis of the 47th Republican Assemly District.
To be added to our E-mail list, or for membership please contact
Membership Secretary at

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