WRLA Platform

Smaller Government- Keep the government out of the way of individuals and business and both will be more successful.  Decentralize governments, moving more services to local governments and groups who can better respond to the specific needs of a community.

Low Taxes Rates- Individuals and families know better where we should spend our money.  Art Laffer showed that lower taxes allows people to spend more which in turn creates more economic activity.  The result of that increase in spending and activity is that the government actually brings in higher revenues.  Additionally, government is inherently bureaucratic and inefficient so government spending should be undertaken as a last resort and when necessary, overseen with an eagle eye.

Strong National Defense- The U.S. Constitution puts national defense in the hands of the federal government and this responsibility should not be taken lightly

Personal Responsibility – Just as Government has responsibilities so do individuals and companies to contribute to society positively, obey the law, and avoid dependency on the government

Strong Families- Government policies should seek to encourage strong functional families and government policies should never undermine core family values.

Freedom- God gave mankind free choice, and it is the from the free exercise of that choice that citizens empower their governments to lead.  Government is there to serve the people, not the other way around.

Helping People Succeed- Making people dependent on government undermines those people’s ability and drive to fully realize the American Dream of working hard to build a better life for yourself and your children.  Social safety net policies should help people get back on their feet, provide training and services that support their success on their own rather than make them dependent on government handouts.

Free Market Solutions- People & companies make better financial decisions than governments.  As Adam Smith’s put it, the Invisible Hand of profit motives drives ever improving financial decisions in a free market.  A free market will always produce higher quality products at a lower price than when government provides the good or service.  Therefore, whenever possible free market solutions should be favored over government run solutions.  Additionally, regulation should only be instituted in areas where the market is not able to self-govern itself or where there is a clear indication of abuse that the market fails to govern.  Anti-monopoly laws are an example of good regulation that supports a vigorous free market.


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