Liberty! by Peter Bylsma

Peter Bylsma
Speech before Westside Republicans, February 10, 2010

Thank you for that kind introduction. It is a pleasure to and a privilege to be with you today. It is a privilege because we are going to talk about Liberty. And if you think about it, it is a privilege just to get to talk about it.
I mean, have any of you ever heard a speech about Liberty? As far as I can tell the only people who talk about Liberty are history teachers.Yet it is work talking about, and remembering and understanding. As we all know, there are and have been plenty of places in the world where liberty can not be and is not discussed openly.In some places, people don’t even have the liberty to talk about liberty.

Statue of LibertyLiberty. What is it about this one word that has made such a difference in human history? What is it about this concept that makes it the foundation of the greatest nation on earth? What us it about this idea that our forefathers died for it and our brave soldiers do so today? Blood has been shed for liberty and not just in the distant past. It is happening right now all around the world. We are still battling for liberty and unfortunately much of the fighting is on the home front.
Liberty: I ask you now to think about it. It meant a lot to our founding father!Remember
* Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – Liberty as the unalienable rights of man.
* With liberty and Justice for All.
* The Statue of Liberty·
* On monuments nationwide·
* Give me liberty or give me death!·
* Fore score and seven years ago, our forefathers brought forth on this continent and new nation conceived in libert
* The Liberty Bell – on which is written, “Proclaim Liberty throughout the land and unit all the inhabitants thereof (That’s from the Bible, by the way.)

QuarterTo credit Dennis Prager – take a look at a coin. Here’s a quarter. It tells you all you need to know about our country. E. Pluribus Unum. In God We Trust and Liberty. Our forefathers intended to pass it on to future generations. That is what they died for. Yet we tend to fail to hold it up as our standard. We tend to forget what it is that makes America exceptional and we as a people so powerful.So what is liberty? Loosely let’s define it as liberty from arbitrary or despotic government control on doing, thinking, speaking and acting according to choice. It is an essential component of what America is all about. The important trilogy is at the heart of our nation: liberty, capitalism and the Judeo-Christian ethic. It is related to property: hence the Second Amendment which is second for fundamental reasons relating to individual liberty. The reason I talk about liberty today is that its sometimes seems to be held as a historical fact, not a living doctrine. It is, in fact, something real to which we can dedicate ourselves. How often do you hear people actually mention it or openly dedicate themselves to nurturing it?

Liberty is not democracy. Although we often mix them up, they are very different. Democracy unchecked can and probably will restrict liberty. Just look at Lebanon. There is a country with a democratically elected government. They elected Hezbollah, one of the most criminal, destructive and violent terrorist organizations in the world. The people of Lebanon chose democratically a government dedicated to destroying and denying individual liberty. That is why we have a Republic – to ensure the protection of individual liberty.

At the end of the day, it’s all about liberty. It is liberty that brought me here in the first place. When I attended my first campaign school, the opening night reception featured several important leadership speakers from our party including Jim Brulte. Brutle welcomed everyone and then asked everyone why they were there. Everyone cheered and yelled, “To beat Hillary!” Brulte said he was involved because of liberty. That struck me since I never heard anyone use the word outside a history class.

HippiesMany years ago, George Washington said that liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth. George Bush echoed that recently when he said he believes in the transformative power of liberty. And by the way, among other things he said, George W. Bush apparently also knew how to say corpsman.
Today it appears to me that we see a struggle from within our country to forget and ignore liberty. We see the liberal fascists, a generation starting in the 1960’s with links back to European fascism, communism and socialism, that truly believe it is smarter and better than our forefathers. Does anyone here think they are smarter than George Washington? Sam Adams? Thomas Jefferson? I don’t think I am. But Barak Obama sure thinks he is. Want my opinion of our current president? Well, I what I wanted was Abraham Lincoln, and what I got was Jar Jar Binks.

Chicago radicalsObama and his ilk think their ideas are better than the dusty ancient, patriarchal, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, greedy, theocratic foundations down by the founding fathers – not to mention throughout history. Prop. 8, anyone? Liberty is to the current administration, like it was to Woodrow Wilson: so very old fashioned. Truth is, liberty hasn’t changed, we have. Now it’s my generations turn, I don’t want to drop the ball on that which has been passed to us by our predecessors. It is not clear we will succeed. It is clear we are lucky the sixties generation – coddled, doped up, university stupid, ungrateful and irresponsible – was not at the helm when Hitler was around. What a disaster that would have been.

So let’s look for a moment where liberty is today? First let me just say that I believe the bigger the government, the smaller the citizern.It is not clear we will succeed. It is clear we are lucky the sixties generation – coddled, doped up, university stupid, ungrateful and irresponsible — was not at the helm when hitler was around. What a disaster that would have been.

So let’s look for a moment at where liberty is today? First, let me just say that I believe the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. Let’s get something straight my friends. What is at stake here is liberty itself. The left is always changing the meaning of words and they look at liberty differently from me and you. Remember dissent is patriotic? Not any more. For the Democrats, liberty means they have the right to impose big government, big taxes and the nanny state on our lives. Remember our definition. Liberty is freedom from despotic government control on an individual’s right of doing, thinking, speaking and acting according to choice.

Barbara BoxerAnyone see the Tim Tebow super bowl ad? Now Obama wants us to pay billions of dollars as a tax to the UN. He wants to double the size of the Peace Corps. He wants to triple aid to the Pakistan. This is a president who just want to beloved. He is the Zak Efron of the White House and I am sure Achmedinijad is shaking in his boots..0000026 is cutting the budget? While he promises higher energy and health care costs for all of us? More than 9000 earmarks on the health care bill? Here is Boxer’s quote: “global warming pollution is a clear present and future danger to America families. If congress does not act to pass legislation then Iwill call on the EPA to take all the steps authorized to protect our families.” It is Orwellian. If that isn’t big government taking control over an individual’s right of acting according to choice I don’t know what is. They have defined narcissism as idealism, selfishness as selflessness and paternalism as patriotism. They define liberty as libertine.

What do I mean? Look at Obama the poster boy. His weakness is adulation. He is hooked on it. To what end? Is it worth a fist bump from Chavez to humiliate our country? What will be left for us when the applause dies out? Whose president is he? The worlds. That means he is not just America’s. Chavez now says Obama is continuing his socialism. Just look at blah blah Obama and his legions of the blissful as they dip into the rules for radicals playbook and demonize all of us in this room. The furthest left senator in the congress conducted a messianic secular revivalist among those who believe in a utopian vision. Now we see he guarantees bigger government and less liberty and links directly to liberal fascism. Remember, this is the guy telling us he was going to unify us. And he says he is not for big government. Heck, every time he speaks off the teleprompter, he gives me hope. He has been getting all the double standard breaks — if he stepped in a puddle, the associate d press would proclaim “Obama walks on water!”

Obama at UN podiumMy current favorite is we could criticize Bush because he was stupid and could not excuse any blunders but we can forgive Obama’s blunders because Obama is so much smarter than bush. Corpsman….what a hoot!When Obama talked about pulling out of Iraq what do you think the Iraqi’s thought would happen to the liberties that have been restored to them since Hussein was defeated? Do you really believe they think things will get better if Iran takes over Iraq? Liberty creates inequality. Liberty is not equality. The democrats want us to trade liberty for equality. Liberty creates a normal statistical bell curve of success and failure and all the gradations in between. Equality takes that bell curve and squashes it flat, creating an artificial equality that penalizes the successful and retards those who are not. That’s right I said retards…good pc eh?

courtroom drawing of terrorists on trialIn Europe they have traded liberty for equality. So anyone who expresses opinions as part of their exercise of free speech that offend people can be thrown in jail. Trading liberty for equality is exactly what the democrats of this country want to do. Do you really think we will be safer now that we have politicized the release of information as to how we interrogate our most dangerous enemies? There is no question of the one thousand prisoners, 3 were subjected to that treatment and deserved it and we benefitted from it. The fact that we have not been hit is proof that it works. And now we have ft. Hood. I invite you to draw your own conclusions despite what the president says, unless its about Cambridge white policemen then you can draw any anti-white cop conclusions you want….ooops i guess we recalibrated that one.

Flight 93 flagAs an example of what liberty is, i suggest the heroic and unforgettable example of united flight 93 should serve us.Think of the airplane as a microcosm of our country. The FAA has total governmental control in that plane. When you go on that plane, the FCC takes your liberty and freedoms. Talk about fascism, you can’t do anything — even go to the bathroom — without their permission. I am not saying the FAA is a bad thing, but it is a useful metaphor. You see, the folks on the hijacked planes who gave up liberty did nothing. They sat there listening to the FAA instructions and doing what the manual said. They are not to blame – they are to be honored — they did what most of us would do – they did not violate the rules and get up and fight and take the planes back. They followed the FAA’s established procedures hoping everything would turn out all right.The founders understood that natural rights run deeper than government rule and governments are instituted to secure the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Flight 93 patchThe people are sovereign, and not government and liberty implies citizen rights above government rights. But some on that ill-fated flight did not follow the rules of the government and just hope for the best. Many on flight 93 chose to ignore the FAA rules. They may not have had the freedom to get away, but they had the liberty to act on what they knew was right. When citizens give up their liberty, they can not defend themselves. Only when they re-apply their natural rights can they protect themselves and their liberty.Instead of following what the government said to do, by doing what they knew was right – by exercising their individual liberty – they saved countless lives and inspired all of us who remain today to honor their memory by defending liberty and our country.So any time you want to think about why liberty is important i ask you to remember those innocent folks who gave their lives that day. Remember the evil that fights our nation hates us for our liberties.

Soldier statueAnd things have changed…Mr Christmas bomber. A lot more people won’t give up their liberty any more.In truth, the goal of Americans who love liberty is not to wield the power of government, but to reduce it. And if you still think there is no difference between the leadership of the two parties, it might be useful to remember that in 2006 the average republican running for office co-sponsored legislation that would have increased spending $14 billion. The average democrat co-sponsored legislation would increase spending by $500 billion. To put in a more contemporary way, the goal here Frodo, is not to wield the ring of power, but to hurl it into the flames of mount doom.

Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson: ‘a government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.’ Obama once said if the Iraqis cant achieve stability in seven years then they probably can’t do it in fourteen or twenty one. Thank God they did not apply that logic to the colonies! A battle for a people to throw off religious despots, to permit individual freedoms, to enshrine liberty as the inalienable right of every person. Sound familiar? There is no doubt helping democracy based on liberty grow in the middle east is important for our domestic security and liberty.What would have happened if we would have followed Obama’s leadership in Iraq? Honor killings and brutal murders in the name of religious law go unpunished and unsolved. They have happened here in the US.

Woman about to be executed in Islamic countryAnyone know who Riqva Bary is? See the movie the stoning of Soraya m. There are women
in the middle east routinely strangled to death or beheaded in front of their children because they did not wear a head scarf.It makes you wonder about the folks who condemn America with such self-righteous zeal over morally ambiguous practices like “waterboarding” terrorists or even generally accepted practices such as holding enemy combatants for the duration of wartime. Obama goes over there and tells us what a success it has all been. Wow. No mention of who lead the charge.

Men holding handsWhen prop. 8 was passed no conservative I know said anything about taking away civil rights, about removing death benefits, about prohibiting any lifestyle activities and choices. Only that we wanted to keep the definition of marriage intact like all those folks before us.Will you please tell me where the hate language is? Please tell me how my rights and the rights of a gay person are different? Where the heck is it written anyone has a right to get married? But on the other side: violence, harassment and the fascist politics of fear from the gay KK. These are the folks that demand our respect for their lifestyle while they call us haters because we are true to our religion. Do you really think the ACLU would have sat still while a white conservative Christian gun owner in Alabama posted a list of prop 8 opponents with links to maps to their homes? Yet it was ok for the prop 8 opponents to do that to us. They are using fear to make you vote against your religion, against your conscience against what you believeIs that being for or against liberty?

Green activistsMy friends it is important to remember something about the left: politics is their religion. Our religion is our religion. For them, activism is patriotic, unless it is against them, then it’s hating. The dems are all about bitterness and division. All about class, race and gender.These are the people who close their minds to what it means to our liberty and our nation if we don’t defend it now. These are the same people that will crush the liberty enjoyed by our churches if we don’t defend proposition 8 and we will have to.

"In Eco We Trust" posterSo is liberty still important? Is it valuable to the women and people of Iraq? Does it still matter to us here in the US? You bet. Does anyone here believe our liberty will be increased if there is another attack on our nation? What happens when the EPA decides to protect us from environmental catastrophe? Do you like having your toilet flushes monitored? Do you want to have the government telling you how many times you can go into the refrigerator? How about the kind of light bulbs you must use? Oh wait, that is already happening. Doctors not allowed to follow their conscience. The congress decides to allow the lawyers to sue telephone companies contributing to the national defense? Now that the democrat leadership has opened the door for the lawsuits against those companies, guess what? They are not providing the data anymore. And we are less safe by definition.I don’t know about you but if it makes the difference between living through another horror like 911,I am ok with the government checking out my phone calls. I have nothing to hide. Please Mr. And Mrs. Democrat: stop flattering yourselves! Or does the idea of air travel in your bathing suit sound acceptable?

Newsweek cover "We are all Socialists Now"Let me tell you the dems have a plan: they want to increase their voter base, reduce your liberty, grow the size and influence of government in your life, continue to dominate the media and shut down talk radio, continue to corrupt and dominate our educational systems, create a class of dependency on government, punish the achievers and grow union influence. And look out for the EPA! They are here to protect us! Anybody see the Audi super-bowl ad? I thought it was a documentary. Government control of the internet. Shutting down fox news. Acorn doing the census. I love the fact that to them dissent is no longer patriotic. Our tea parties were a great success, unless you work for CNN I guess. The lefties who fought the man and the establishment for so long now are that big government. The campaign continues and it is up to each of us in this room to stop them.

We must support the tea party movement. Did the media act this way on the day of walk out immigration protests on pinko de mayo? Did they argue with the protesters? Why is Bill Ayers and John Kerry seen as ok but we are seen as dangerous – its the difference between a tea bag and a bomb at an army base. Oh wait, we now have pre-traumatic stress disorder.We are demonized and treated as scary when we go out and protest but black panthers code pink, Hillary, Bill Ayers, Obama, Kerry, Harry Reid, etc. When they speak its idealism, a push for change, speak truth to power. How’s it feel to be on the DHS list of suspects…all of you?

Bus bombed by Islamic terroristsThe Orwellian nature of the language all is really scary. What the heck is an overseas contingency operation? Why is it no longer terrorism, but man-caused disaster? For them, the English language become Orwell’s 1984 newspeak. The Obama administration wants do new things now to protect you and your health. To call terrorism — the willful murder of innocents, the eradicable intolerance, the purposeful and deliberate propagation of wide-spread fear– a man-caused disaster? That, my friends, is not simply playing with language. It is a deliberate attempt to alter public mindset about the current president’s abilities. That is why they will do anything they can to ensure the military is blamed for Ft. Hood and not the ideology of the killer. That is both foolish and dangerous.

Achmidinijad and ChavezOne question Iask my relatives: who has done more good
in the world? The hippie activist or the American soldier? Does anyone really believe Barak Obama can control the events in Iraq? In south America? Asia? He thinks he can. What do you think? He’s going to talk to Achmedinijahd; he talked to Chavez; he is going to kiss up to Cuba. He says Iran isn’t a real threat because they spend so little on their military. Does Barak Obama know how much a box cutter costs? He can ask the victims of 911. Those guys will are playing him and Hillary like a fiddle. Sit in on a corporate board room struggling to come to grips with the new economic climate Obama has created. Do we expand? Wait a minute. The bigger our company gets, the closer we come to being “too big to fail and intrusive government oversight, limits on executive pay, and regulators breathing down our necks. Stay small. Forget the new jobs.

An investor ponders where to put his 401 (k) retirement money. Should he invest in robust, growing companies? Firms with a bright future? But, be careful, they could get so big that they get taken over by the government and you lose your entire investment. Don’t invest in firms that will fail, but stay away from those that will succeed too. And that stimulus money? It only went to “shovel ready projects.” Well, i don’t know about your but i got the shovel ready when I first heard that baloney.

TEA: Taxed Enough AlreadyAt the kitchen table, a middle class family discusses career moves. Should she go back to school to pursue a better job at higher pay? Should he put in overtime? Move up in the company? Hey wait a minute. If their combined income is just under $200,000 a year and goes any higher, their tax bracket goes up, they have to start having social security withheld on our new income, they lose our current deductions for mortgage, and state and local taxes, and charitable donations. Forget the promotion. Forget the new job.

Downtown, investors in a hedge fund are meeting to consider participating in the bank bailout and could make a killing. It’s a risk, but the reward could be great. But hold on a second. If they make hundreds of millions, while taxpayers have to pay for failed banks, won’t we get hit with a 90 percent tax? Won’t we get to see our pictures on the front page with the president shaking an angry finger in our faces? Yes, now he wants us to invest, to help him rescue the banks, but once we do, won’t he be on our case like he was on AIG’s?

Money being printedIts all about confidence. Math teachers everywhere owe a debt of thanks to Obama, since now thanks to him we all know what a trillion is. And that is too big for my USC educated mind to deal with: remember, we count best by sevens anyway. But let me tell you what a billion is.A billion seconds ago it was 1959. A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive. A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the stone age. A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet. But a billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate our government is spending. (while this thought is still fresh in our brain…let’s take a look at New Orleans …Louisiana senator, Mary Landrieu (d) is presently asking congress for 250 billion dollars to rebuild New Orleans. What does it mean? Well… If you are one of the 484,674 residents of New Orleans (every man, woman, and child) you each get $516,528.or… If you have one of the 188,251 homes in New Orleans, your home gets $1,329,787. Or… If you are a family of four…your family gets $2,066,012. )The Japanese have a saying that, the highest nail gets hammered down first. Obama’s perverse view of fairness threatens to create reverse incentives, militating against growth, jobs, expansion, and upward mobility.

He is the anti success president. Obama does not believe in individual upward mobility. He will penalize it, tax it, regulate it, demonize it, inveigh against it, and disincentivize it. We will be like salmon swimming upstream to mate. We will overcome the currents, the waterfall, the rocks, the predators and will grapple our way up the stream. Then, at the top of the waterfall, will stand Obama the bear, waiting to scoop us up and have us for dinner.

From Ayn Rand’s “atlas shrugged” money speech: “watch money. Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent but by compulsion, when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing, when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods but in favors, when you see that men get richer by graft than by work and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you, when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed.”

How is our state doing in all this? Big government is on display here big time. The Manhattan institute recently looked at census and IRS data to measure net migration between states and noted that California migration statistics show that between 2000 and 2007, an average of 3,247 people moved out of California each week. In contrast, Texas had a net weekly population increase of 1,544 coming in during the same period. Are folks here getting their money’s worth? Are you? Our challenge is this: when an idiot like Rosie O’Donnell spews her asinine opinions onto the world she hits a million people at once. We have to reach a million people one at a time.

There is some hope. The recent election shows clearly Obama coattails of 2008 are frayed. November ’08 was one shot, one time, never to be replicated. Now comes a return to the norm — and definitive confirmation that 2008 was one of the great flukes in American political history.Deeply blue New Jersey, for example, elected a Republican governor (above) for the first time in 12 years — because Democrats so thoroughly misread 2008 and the mandate they assumed it bestowed. Obama saw himself as anointed by a watershed victory to remake American life. The
conventional wisdom that proclaimed the dawning of a new age last November dismissed the inevitable popular reaction to Obama’s hubristic expansion of government, taxation, spending and debt — the tea party demonstrators, the town hall protesters — as a raging rabble of resentful reactionaries, Astroturf-phony and Fox news-deranged. It is the natural reaction of a center-right country to a governing party seeking to rush through a left-wing agenda using temporary majorities created by the one-shot election of 2008.

Obama bowing to Saudi kingThe dalai a Obama tries to cast himself in the Roosevelt Kennedy mode remember when he compared what he will do to what Kennedy and Khrushchev did? When is this guy going to get his history straight? Kennedy was so effective in that chapter of our history it lead directly to Russia putting missiles in Cuba. Great job Barry. What have we gotten so far? The president as Miss World. President good wrench who will guarantee your car. Bowing to the Saudi king. Returning the Winston Churchill bust. Removing all restrictions from abortion and using federal funds for stem cell research. Hugging Hugo Chavez and praised Marxist Daniel Ortega. Releasing CIA memos that make the world happy and us less safe. Kissing butt with Raul Castro. Obama looking upwardNot going to Normandy because he did not want to offend anybody. Cancelled important missile defense system funding the day after north Korea launches new ICBMs. Siding with Chavez against democracy in Honduras. No-preconditions with Iran. Expanded the bailouts. Accepting without comment tax cheats in his cabinet. Doubled the national debt. The largest expansion of government ever. A double standard of ethics and morality. Told Mexico’s president violence is our fault. Praised Carter’s trip to Gaza…and of course, health care. A b+? Today we are running the risk of losing our economic power and certainly we can all see we are positioning ourselves to lose our military leadership, both of which are fundamental to our moral leadership in the world.

Remember keep your laws off my body? Oh well.It can not be more clear that the fight for liberty is worldwide and it is here now in the us. It transcends nations and is about people. Liberty spans history as a current of our greatest aspirations for equality, prosperity and happiness. Equality is more important to our president than liberty. This guy is making government larger and makes our liberties smaller. This is the anti-liberty presidency.

Liberty BellLiberty links to something deep within the heart of man. And it does not matter where you are on earth or in history. Think about it: health care, and liberty. National defense, and liberty. Taxes, and liberty. Second amendment, and liberty. The rights of the unborn, and liberty.

Before I close I want to ask each of you for three things. First, for your support of this group and those like it – as members or guests we hope you will help me continue to raise the flag of liberty in this area by joining these organizations, attending meetings and supporting their programs. Second, each of you needs to go out right after this meeting and get a moderate into our camp. Its that simple if you love liberty you have to work for it. Finally I ask of you one other thing. Barry Goldwater said extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, so today I remind you to love and cherish liberty our forefathers most valuable gift. Don’t be afraid to be extreme about liberty. Thank you and God bless America.

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