Latino Panel Photos 7/13/11

Latino Panel speaks at Westside Republicans Meeting 7/13/11

 Be sure to read Tony Valle’s wonderful letter about this event at bottom of this page!!


Errol Valladares, Chairman, Republican Natonal Hispanic Assembly North Los Angeles,  leads the panel discussion.  He has long been active in Republican campaigns and was Chairman for the Latino Coalition for Meg Whitman.






Suzette Martinez (below right) is the District Office Manager for Congressman Buck McKeon





Luis Alvarado, chairman of the Board of Directors pf the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Greater Los Angeles adresses Westside Republicans (below).






Dr. Martha Flores-Gibson, candidate for State Senate seat #27 believes that the GOP can regain dominance in California by attracting Latino voters through our shared values.




Rodrigo Santillano



Panel Member David Barron shares his vision of how to attract Latinos.


What I want to say to anyone who will listen is that “My Republican values have made all the difference in my life!”

Letter from Tony Valle

Dear Errol,

I write to thank you for your presence and participation at last night’s meeting.

This is the first time that I have ever been in the same room with almost one dozen fellow Latino Republicans. I was encouraged by the stories shared by each one of the speakers and it was great for me to hear Latinos speak about Republican values. I remain convinced that our narrative in defense of American values is far more compelling than the Democrat narrative that Latinos are Victims in need of government provided Welfare, and every manner of government provided assistance. As Latinos, our parents came to this country for the opportunity to create our own destiny, not to have our destinies predetermined by the soft bigotry of low expectations as dictated by Liberal Democrats.  And I would regrettably argue that we as Latinos are living up to those low expectations through our horrendous high school drop out rates, our out of wedlock teenage pregnancy rates, and our dismal representation in four year colleges. Arguably, Latinos are desperately in need of a new narrative upon which to build their lives and fulfill their greatest potential and we do have a message in the Republican party that can make a difference and create the beginnings of a Reformation within our own culture and Party.

I do have a story to tell and wish to share it for the purpose of creating an opportunity for dialogue and to bring more Latinos into the Party. That is my greatest desire right now. I want to do my part to educate and to gain converts for the Republican Party. We are engaged in the greatest battle of our lifetimes right now, a struggle for the future viability of this nation, with no exaggeration. Liberal Democrat ideas are suffocating our nation and Latinos are suffering greatly as a direct consequence. Especially since the election of this new regime in 2008, this country has embarked on a path that has resembled the bankrupt, tyrannical, arrogant and corrupt regimes that we (and our parents) all fled from. We must stop this descent into chaos and reclaim our country for ourselves, our neighbors, and our families.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and to be part of a group that will achieve great things now and in the coming election of 2012.


Tony Valle


What I want to say to anyone who will listen is that “My Republican values have made all the difference in my life!”

If I sketched out all the details of my life from birth to young adulthood and asked a single question: What is the outcome of this life? There are only three possibilities for me: In jail, on drugs, or dead. The reason that I am alive and thriving is that I utterly rejected the welfare, victim, Liberal Democrat mindset from an early age. I learned to be grateful for the opportunities that this country offers unlike any other in the world.


Tony was active in the Carly Fiorina campaign

4 Responses to Latino Panel Photos 7/13/11

  1. Nancy Eisenharat says:

    I got goosebumps and tears reading Tony’s letter. Thank you, Rob, for publicizing it. What he expressed is what we non-Hispanics want for all who come to this country and believe in it.

  2. Gloria Huey says:

    Tony, it is because of people like yourself, that the true patriots in America…will never give up the fight…not for your vote..but, because we want to see you & your family prosper! The entitlement mentality has such a stronghold on out society…it is mind-boggling. But, with Patriots like yourself, we can fight & turn this cycle around….With God’s help, I know we can. Ooh-rah.

  3. errol valladares says:


    Thank you for your open and candid story and sharing with the WESTSIDE REPUBLICANS and it was so appropriate to hear with the LATINO PERSPECTIVE PANEL!

    You are the reason we are doing the panel and we need to get your story, your passion and your perspective out to all Latinos in LA County and Southern California.

    Thank you for help and we look forward to having you aboard!

  4. L. Art Camarillo says:

    Republicans need to start getting involved in communities and help inform Lations that Democrats have not helped us since the “War on Poverty”. Since the 1960′s our goverment has spent 3 or 4 trillion on programs that are designed to keep people in poverty. Democrats claim that they are looking after you, but all they want is our support ( demosntrations canvas for votes, etc.) and the ones that are able to vote, their vote.
    I work with families that are two or three generations in relief, our children are failing in school, our young women (under 16) are having babies in large numbers and many others are aborting their children.
    We need to demand from our school officials to stop making excuses and teach our children. We need to stop legislators like Cedillo to stop taking away from our children (legal residents and citizens) higher education opportunities and give to the illegal children. In California now our kids have to compete with a larger pool of students for Grants and Scholarships.
    I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.
    Keep up the fight Tony!

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