Beverly Hills Tea Party – 2011


Congressman Tom McClintock

 Hugh Hewitt, broadcast jounalist

Bill Whittle, writer, editor, PJ TV 




Michael Fell, WR Vice Chairman, Westwood Tea Party




Pat Boone






Maureen Johnson, WR Vice Chair for Campaigns and Elections (left)

Gary Aminoff (below)

 Maureen Johnson and Gary Aminoff behind Peter Ford, Rob Pedersen and Iris Jue


 Peter Ford, 2nd Vice Chairman of  the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, and author of “Glen Ford: A Life,” about his father. His mother was the MGM legend Eleanor Powell.


Gary Aminoff & Peter Ford (seated)



Iris Jue works at WR Table (right)



Chairman Rob Pedersen

One Response to Beverly Hills Tea Party – 2011

  1. Hello! My name is Marie Cunningham and I am the local editor for Beverly Hills Patch.

    Patch sites in California and across the country are looking for local Republican officials who are politically knowledgeable and are involved in their communities, individuals whose opinion would be considered valuable and would be trusted by Beverly Hills residents.

    These local influentials will become part of the “Patch-HuffPost Power Outsiders” survey, which has been running in the early Primary States since the fall. We call our roster members the “Power Outsiders” because they know what matters to locals outside the beltway. If you agree to join, Patch and Huffington Post will survey you for your opinion on the issues that matter to the party. The results will be reported on both Patch and Huffington Post.

    Answers to any questions we ask will be anonymous. Personal answers will in no way be traceable.

    This requires little time commitment. The surveys will arrive in via email and consist of 3-5 questions. Participation would be invaluable to this project as well as fellow Beverly Hills residents!

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me via email ( or phone (310-809-4882).

    Anyone that would be good to contact for this, please let me know.

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